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Making investments projectable.

Erste Asset Management helps investors to make the result of, i.e. return on, their investment projectable – even in markets that are repeatedly driven by external events. The different asset classes have individual risk/return profiles and change their features over time. Inefficient markets tend to trigger both overshooting and undershooting that can be exploited in a targeted fashion. We resort to our asset allocation solutions to adjust the portfolios of our clients dynamically so as to invest their assets in a return- and risk-optimised way throughout all market phases.

Our approach

We offer the active management of clients’ assets on the basis of global tactical asset allocation (GTAA). In doing so we rely on a structured, model-based investment process whose results we implement via an fund of fund concept. Thus we also offer our solutions for low investment volumes. Our long-term strategic asset allocation forms the basis for optimising the tactical allocation of the client portfolio.

Our strengths

  • Efficient portfolio management
  • Consistent allocation decisions
  • Qualitative component with simultaneous avoidance of emotional distortions
  • The fund of funds concept enables implementation even for smaller volumes

"In a world where the markets are subjected to fluctuations on an ever-growing scale, the selection of the right asset class at the right time is the ultimate achievement in asset management.”

Alexander Lechner, Head of Multi Asset Management

Our products

We develop solutions that are tailor-made for the risk/return goals of our clients. Via our ESG filter we can take your individual responsibility criteria into account. Our processes offer the utmost degree of transparency and are therefore suitable for the implementation of long-term investment concepts. Our product portfolio consists of strategies in three areas:

For our active-return approach we calibrate the portfolio to a long-term target yield. The active management of the asset classes reduces the general sensitivity towards the capital market. We do not set a minimum fund price as we assume actively managed risks in order to facilitate long-term return above the risk-free money market rate.

The goal of the protected return approach is not to fall below a pre-set minimum fund price, that is, a floor. This way we can preserve capital or achieve a minimum return over a defined period of time. Therefore the portfolio remains defensively invested even at times of low interest rates. Compliance with the risk budget takes precedence at all times.

In our market return approach we use a benchmark and optimise the portfolio in order to improve the risk/return profile. The performance is linked closely to the benchmark by definition. The degrees of freedom can be actively managed via tools like tracking error limits or risk budgets.

YOU INVEST Portfolio 30

The fund is an active return fund that invests 0%–30% in equities and 60%–100% in bond funds. The global tactical asset allocation is intended to optimise risk and returns. Up to 10% are invested in UCITS funds with alternative investment strategies and real estate equity funds to complement traditional asset classes.

Please see the legal risk notes at the end of this page.

"By resorting to tactical asset allocation we can systematically limit the risk of losses also for long-only strategies.”

Gerhard Beulig, Fund manager

YOU INVEST Portfolio 50

The fund pursues an active return investment approach. The fund invests primarily in equity funds (0% - 50%) and bond funds (40% - 100%). Furthermore, the fund can invest up to 10% in UCITS compliant funds with alternative investment strategies as well as real estate equity funds to complement traditional asset classes. The tactical asset allocation serves to optimise risk and return.

Please see the legal risk notes at the end of this page.


The YOU INVEST RESPONSIBLE balanced fund pursues an active return investment approach and invests exclusively in sub-funds managed according to ethically sustainable criteria, making the fund suitable for long-term appreciation. For the purpose of risk and return optimisation, the tactical asset allocation revises the division of the funds' assets between equities, bonds and money market instruments on a monthly basis.

Please see the legal risk notes at the end of this page.

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