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Strategies for European and global emerging markets.

Erste Asset Management is a pioneer in Central and Eastern Europe and leverages its experience successfully for investment solutions in the global emerging markets. In 1990 we were one of the first asset managers to launch an equity fund in Central Europe, and thus accompanying the development of the region ever since its political and economic opening. In 1997 we expanded the investment universe to emerging Asia, and in 2002 to Latin America. In our investment solutions, for example in emerging markets corporate bonds, we combine our expertise in the individual asset classes with our in-depth knowledge of the local markets.


Our approach

We combine our in-depth knowledge of the local markets with years of expertise and clearly defined strategies for the bond markets. In doing so we complement the expertise of our country specialists with macroeconomic models that take the analysis of the interest rate curve, of the rating segments, of the regions, and of the sectors into account. In the equity segment we employ a structured bottom-up process and resort to both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Our strenghts

  • Broad range of products
  • Tried and tested products with successful track record
  • Local presence in Eastern Europe: 30 investment experts in six countries

"The emerging markets remain the most dynamic regions worldwide, and in-depth knowledge about the local conditions are the decisive factor of success.”

Peter Szopo, Equity Strategist Erste Asset Management

Our products

Erste Asset Management has a broad range of strategies for the European and global emerging markets at its disposal. We provide our clients with mutual funds or tailor-made solutions in the following categories:

  • Europe bonds
  • EM Europe equities
  • Global EM corporate bonds
  • Global EM government bonds

With the help of our differentiated responsible investment process we offer our clients sustainably managed strategies also in the emerging markets.


The ERSTE BOND EM CORPORATE fund invests in corporate bonds from emerging markets. The fund invests globally and enables investors to use growth opportunities within the emerging markets. Currency risks are largely hedged against the euro. The share of assets denominated in local currencies can total up to 10%

Please see the legal risk notes at the end of this page.

"The emerging markets corporate bond segment has matured in the past years, but continues to offer attractive spreads.”

Peter Varga, Senior Fund Manager

"The bonds held in local currency benefit from the convergence of their countries of origin with the European Union. At the same time we do not excessively limit the emerging market universe.”

Anton Hauser, Senior Fund Manager


The ERSTE BOND DANUBIA fund focuses its investments on government bonds from Central and Eastern Europe EU member states such as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, but it also invests in the securities of other issuers from that region. We take a broad view on convergence and include Turkey and the former Soviet Republics in the investment universe.

Please see the legal risk notes at the end of this page.


The ERSTE STOCK EM GLOBAL fund is an equity fund geared towards achieving long-term capital appreciation. The strategic focus of the fund is on shares of companies in global emerging markets with attractive fundamentals. The active investment approach involves the regional allocation between Asia, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Latin America as well as the sector allocation.

Please see the legal risk notes at the end of this page.

"For a long time now emerging markets have been synonymous to rising economies. Not only do they offer outstanding growth prospects, but also multi-faceted investment opportunities.”

Felix Dornaus, Senior Fund Manager

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