Responsible investments have a long tradition at Erste Asset Management: back in 2001 we launched our first responsibility fund, i.e. ESPA STOCK UMWELT (today ERSTE WWF STOCK ENVIRONMENT). Nowadays we manage assets worth about EUR 4,52bn in this segment – in a vast array of strategies and with excellent track record (as of 30 June 2017). Our responsible investment team addresses current topics together with leading partners and drives the development in the field of responsible investment in a targeted fashion. We as company assume responsibility beyond our responsible range of funds: for example, we exclude companies that do business in banned weapons from all our investment strategies.

The principle of responsibility is deeply rooted within our investment process. We bundle the most important responsible investment styles to one unique proprietary approach, with our in-house-developed EAM-ESG rating at its core. We work closely with leading rating agencies and thus offer strategies that adapt to the individual needs of our clients.

At the core of our responsibility approach is the EAM-ESG rating. It consists of all investable companies and countries. By combining our internal research with the expertise of external partners we compile an individual ranking for Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance criteria (ESG). The weighted integration of the three categories generates the final EAM-ESG rating.

  • Years of experience and mature selection and investment process
  • Numerous international awards
  • Quality verified by external certificates

"Responsible investment will continue to gain importance in the future. We are already leaving a mark today.”

Gerold Permoser, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and Chief Sustainable Investment Officer (CSIO)

Our responsibility magazine: ERSTE RESPONSIBLE RETURN
– The ESG Letter

Hear about the topics that Gerold Permoser and the responsible investment team are currently talking about.

Erste Asset Management offers responsible equity and bond funds and is pioneer in this category in Austria. Our solutions are available both for individual asset classes and for multi-asset client mandates. We develop individual responsibility filters in order to fulfil our clients’ requirements to the best of our abilities.

Emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil are beginning to focus increasingly on sustainability for ensuring future growth of their national economies. Consequently, ESG criteria are gaining importance for companies in these countries. The ERSTE RESPONSIBLE BOND EMERGING CORPORATE invests primarily in corporate bonds of companies in emerging markets and uses our comprehensive sustainability approach.

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"Environmental risks and risks of corruption can be reduced dramatically by responsibility criteria in particular for emerging markets funds.”

Peter Varga, Senior Fund Manager

The European Transparency Logo for Sustainable Investment Funds is awarded by the European Sustainable Investment Forum (EUROSIF). The awardees, among them ERSTE-SPARINVEST, agree to follow the European transparency guidelines for sustainable investment funds. They have to provide the public with sufficient and specific information on their investment criteria and their research.

The ERSTE RESPONSIBLE STOCK GLOBAL fund is an actively managed equity fund that invests globally according to ethically sustainable criteria. Our integrative management approach encompasses all major methods of sustainability analysis. Currency risks are not hedged.

Please see the legal risk notes at the end of this page.

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