The most important bond categories from one provider

Bond investments come with a long tradition at Erste Asset Management. As early as 1965 we started to offer bond strategies. Today our range of products contains investment solutions for the most important bond classes such as government bonds, corporate bonds, high-yield bonds, and money market strategies. This asset class makes up about 40% of all assets managed by Erste Asset Management (our total AuM amounted to EUR 58.7bn as of 30 June 2017). 

We are convinced that a positive surplus value can only be achieved on the basis of active management. Our philosophy of active management consists of an in-depth understanding of the market, analytical thoroughness, and a culture of teamwork. Therefore at Erste Asset Management a team of more than 30 specialists takes care of the investments. The tasks in a fund or a mandate are assigned to individual team members according to functional area, such as for example portfolio construction or active management.

  • Traceable decision-making
  • Clearly defined areas of tasks and responsibility

We have been active on the bond market for many years and have developed a deep understanding of the market. This helps us develop individual, tailor-made solutions for the various fixed income asset classes on the basis of different methods and strategies.

  • Years of expertise
  • Experienced bond managers for all important asset classes
  • Pioneer in emerging markets bonds

Erste Asset Management offers access to the most important bond classes on a one-stop-shop basis. We offer our conservatively managed strategies to investors either as investment funds or as individual solutions. With our pure-play modules we develop tailor-made solutions for their investment needs.

  • Global and emerging Europe government bonds
  • Corporate bonds: investment grade, hard currency, local currency
  • High-yield corporate bonds
  • Money market

Companies from emerging markets count among the most dynamic ones worldwide. Their comparatively high economic growth is increasingly financed through global bond markets. The ESPA BOND EMERGING MARKETS CORPORATE is a UCITS compliant fund that invests in corporate bonds from emerging markets. At least 90 percent of the fund´s asset are denominated in hard currencies or hedged against exchange rate fluctuations.

Please see the legal risk notes at the end of this page.

"The emerging markets corporate bond segment has matured in the past years, but continues to offer attractive spreads.”

Peter Varga, Senior Fund Manager

The ESPA BOND EURO-CORPORATE fund invests primarily in euro-denominated corporate bonds of European issuers. The credit rating of the fund's bonds is primarily investment grade. A small amount of the fund´s assets can be invested into bonds denominated in other currencies, where any arising currency risks, are hedged against the euro.

Please see the legal risk notes at the end of this page.

The ESPA BOND CORPORATE BB fund invests in corporate bonds of international issuers with a "BB" rating. Through an active selection of securities and a wide range of companies and sectors, the portfolio is broadly diversified. Any currency risks are hedged against the euro.

Please see the legal risk notes at the end of this page.

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